Plots for sale

For sale two plots in the central mixed zone: Parcel number 4606 Parcel number 4611

In the area the following units can be built:

  • commercial, service, catering, accommodation and residential buildings
  • other community entertainment, cultural buildings
  • church, educational, health, social buildings
  • sports facilities
  • other non - disruptive farm structures

If you want to implement the business premises, offices and apartments of the AGORA department store designed on the basis of the original concept, the plans are available.

The two wings of the department store are planned to include about 34 stores and offices on two levels. The floor space and design of the rooms are varied: between 7 and 130 m2; there are rooms designed for different business purposes.

The AGORA department store can not only serve the residents of the villa district, but due to its transport position, its attraction area extends to the city of Venice and also to the surrounding settlements.

Below you can download the documents of the AGORA department store, based on which you can get an overview of the originally planned offices and business premises.

AGORA A-wing ground floor AGORA A-wing floor AGORA B-wing ground floor AGORA B-wing floor


Two building plots with all public utilities for sale in the quietest part of the area of the villa plots, on the border of an agricultural area, with a panoramic view of the adjacent hills. The plot can even be divided into two plots or two separate condominiums can be built on it. The maximum number of apartments in the two houses is four apartments: Parcel number 4628 Parcel number 4629