About the residence

The investors decided that the Venezia Villa Residence with the flats and the AGORA Business Centre are to be constructed from a plan package in compliance with the local and national planning and construction regulations, realising an organic architectural concept with diverse constructions.

The team of architects led by Tamás Perényi DLA, head of the Residential Buildings Design Department at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Budapest and Gyula Fülöp assistant lecturer began the complex planning by drawing up the building concept, using foreign and Hungarian experience in building residential areas.

As a result of organic planning nearly 20 different plans for residential buildings consisting of 1 to 4 flats have been made, which can be modified in order to create an organic yet diverse image (by the orientation of the buildings, the angle of roofs, the material of wall covering, the height of buildings).

The dominant features of the architectural style are the gardens accessible from the all the flats, the balance of communal and private spaces within a single plot as well as the choice of environment-conscious materials (the insulation is similar to that of the passive houses).

There are buildings which are semi-finished with improved facilities so they are ready to be occupied, they have the permission for use, their exteriors, the gardens and garden pavements and lights are finalised. The final stages are carried out after the floorings, tiles, doors, windows, bathroom equipment and appliances selected by the customers have been fitted.

The construction programme, which is planned to take 3 years to complete depending on demands, started with the building of semi-finished sample blocks containing 2, 3 or 4 flats right at the entrance to the Villa Residence. This stage was carried out regardless of the number of booked flats. Apart form the sample blocks and the buildings that were previously intended to be built by the developers, any blocks will be constructed in which at least one flat has been booked.