In harmony with nature

Since the ancient times people have always enclosed a particular area from their environment in order to build a town, a village or their own garden. They created their own world on this enclosed land, while the garden served as a connection with the yet unspoilt nature.

The Venezia Villa Residence construction concept is based on the idea that the flat itself cannot provide the same quality and standard of living as an additional garden accessible directly from the flat as a symbol of nature would do, no matter how excellent the design and the implementation are without it.


The leading architects of the Venezia Villa Residence:

Tamás Perényi DLA - architect - head of university department, university lecturer
Gyula Fülöp - architect - assistant lecturer


People in the centre

Construction and the flat itself are centred around people and the family as the smallest human community. The design of the flats was influenced by the diverse needs, the interior which suggests openness and ensures separation at the same time and also by individual furnishing opportunities and variability.

The buildings and the flats are meant to be modern in a way that also fulfills our desire for intimacy as well as a friendly interior and exterior milieu. The wooden covering which also defines the overall impression of the design is archaic and yet modern: its appearance, colour and texture create a warm feeling, the material is modern, hard-wearing and long-lasting, and the processing is up-to-date.

The aim of the Venezia Villa Residence is not only to create a harmonised design and high-quality buildings but also to establish unique exteriors around and enclosed by the buildings: the pavements, benches and pergolas create a colorful and harmonious atmosphere.


Excellent transport links

The Venezia Villa Residence is only 20 minutes from Budapest and is also very close to Székesfehérvár. There is a direct and fast highway connection to these cities.

Those opting for public transport can choose  between coach and train services as this area is an important junction for both means of transport.

As a result, Velence belongs to the agglomeration of Budapest as well as Székesfehérvár.



Comforting security

The peace and quiet of our residents is watched for 24 hours a day, by applying a surveillance and entrance system and a continuous patrol service. We offer a reassuring feeling of security when you are at work, when you are preparing lunch or sitting back to watch the Formula One race while your children are playing with the others in the garden or on the playground. Our view is that a real home does not exists without this kind of satisfying feeling and security.

On the other hand, defending your security is done discreetly towards those who visit you in your home. Your friends and relatives can get to you without any inconvenience with the help of modern technology.


Wide range of services

  • Property security and reception
  • Remote video surveillance system
  • Cleaning of the streets and cleaning off the snow
  • Maintenance and repairs in flats and buildings
  • Landscape design and maintenance
  • Mailbox service
  • Selective rubbish collection
  • Home delivery


Reasonable prices

The offer of residential buildings is reflecting a coherent, organic architectual image consists of blocks containing one, tw, three or four flats. All of them have two floors and directly accessible gardens, the net areas and the designs are variable, the buildings were constructed at an outstanding technical standard based on an environment-conscious concept. The interior technical solutions are carried out according to the customers' needs. These flats are for sale in an especially attractive environment at a reasonable price.